Our Story

In 1982, David and Eunice Vanstone (along with their two young sons, Ashley and Owen) began with a small piece of property and a big dream, to establish a wholesale production nursery north of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

The Vanstones built their house and a small greenhouse during that first year. Income was sparse, so summer vegetables were grown and sold directly from the yard during 1983. David taught in the Diploma Agriculture program for the first 8 winters while the business was becoming established while Eunice busied herself with the care of her growing family as Tim (1983) and Jessica (1985) were born.

Through the thirty three years since their beginning, steady development has taken place. Production has become more focused on perennial flowers and ornamental shrubs and roses. Greenhouse space has increased to 35,000 sq. ft. An insulated 6400 sq. ft. shed is used for controlled winter storage of plants and as a year-round work space. Propagation facilities utilize the most current technology. Most shrubs are now mainly grown in a containerized area which has excellent drainage, all weather access and automated watering.

Vanstone Nurseries grows for about 250 garden centres from North-western Ontario throughout Manitoba and into Saskatchewan and Alberta. Spring sales begin in April and continue throughout the growing season and until the ground is frozen.

Vanstone Nurseries considers the delivery of the plants an important step in their wholesale business. Care is needed to prevent damage from improper temperature, timing or handling. Whenever possible, Vanstone delivers their own product; when carriers are necessary, they are chosen with discretion.

The nursery is in the succession stage of development. Owen and Tim have worked in the business from school days and fully understand its philosophy and operations. They have exciting ideas and energy to move Vanstone forward into a new generation. Their ambition is to make Vanstone a top Manitoba nursery with the best perennials and shrubs and annual flowers around and they are stepping up to the plate to accept responsibilities previously assumed by David.

The Family Team


David left an ornamental plant research position at the Morden Research Station in 1982 to start a nursery of his own just north of Portage la Prairie. What was then an abandoned yard site has become the home of a growing production nursery due primarily to the hard work and vision of David along with the constant support of his wife Eunice.

He is now the owner and general manager of the operation with a particular management interest in the perennial production. David works hard to ensure administrative details are kept in order and everything keeps running smoothly, even in the busy spring rush.


Owen manages the sales and marketing for the nursery and enjoys interacting with all the customers to help find solutions for their needs. He oversees the production of container grown plants and is always interested in finding new plants to grow and better ways to grow them.

Besides his commitments to the family business, Owen also is active in the industry through speaking at industry events and advising and instructing at regional colleges. Owen is also very involved in industry association activities. He has served as a board member for Landscape Manitoba and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and recently completed a four year term as the chair of Growers Canada. He has embraced the opportunity to see nurseries across the country and around the world and has gained valuable perspective which is utilized to improve Vanstone Nurseries.

Owen was married in July 2012 to Gina and have three children. They live in Portage la Prairie.


Tim joined the business after earning a diploma in Business Administration at Red River College and has become an integral part of operations.

He manages the bulk of the shipping process, oversees the the facility and maintenance concerns at the nursery, and is responsible for the field production. During the production season, Tim is responsible for the potting process and supervises the ongoing plant care in the container field.

In addition to his involvement in the nursery business, Tim is quite busy with his own growing family. He and his wife Olga have three children, Zach, Kyle, and Jane.